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What is Green Coffee?

Where it comes from:

As the name implies, "green coffee" is simply unroasted seeds — aka beans — from Coffea, the plant that gives us so many of our morning brews. Coffee contains hundreds of compounds, many of which may have healthful benefits.

Green Coffee Beans
What does it do for you:

All Natural Green Coffee Extract Coffee is one of the world's most popular stimulants and most widely consumed beverages. Only water and tea have higher overall consumption than coffee. Green coffee is simply coffee made from unroasted beans or raw coffee. According to Applied, green coffee is extremely rich in chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant that will rid your body of free radicals and promote good health. Consumption of green coffee and the associated chlorogenic acid offers some positive health benefits.

Dr. Oz's Green Coffee Project

Dr. Oz Show Green coffee bean extract has been touted for its weight-loss benefits. To learn more about how and if it works, The Dr. Oz Show conducted its own experiment. Read on to learn about the results here.

Does it work?

"There's some data in the research to support the idea that chlorogenic acid in the green coffee bean can have an effect on body weight and fat loss," said Lona Sandon, R.D., assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.


Consumption of green coffee can have a beneficial effect on hypertension. A study conducted by Kao Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, revealed positive effects on mild hypertensive cases in rats and humans. The research showed significantly decreased blood pressure in both humans and rats and that amount of blood pressure response was directly proportional to the dose of green coffee. The higher the dose of green coffee, the greater the effect on blood pressure. The study also revealed the positive changes were obtained without the risk of side effects that can be observed with prescription medication.

Weight Loss

Green coffee consumption has been proved to be effective for weight loss. A study by Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd. in Japan revealed positive effects of green tea consumption and body weight in mice. The research revealed the combination of caffeine and chlorogenic acid in green coffee promoted reduced fat accumulation and inhibited fat absorption, thus making the consumption of green coffee an effective weight loss product.


Scientific research has shown evidence that natural substances extracted, such as green coffee extract, from unroasted coffee beans can help control the elevated blood sugar (glucose) levels and body weight that underpin type 2 diabetes.1

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